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About Neil Morris

I’m Neil Morris, a licensed psychotherapist and counsellor based in Central London.  The aim of my practice is help my clients overcome challenging life experiences My background is in psychodynamic psychotherapy, which means that I’m trained to explore how your feelings and your memories are affecting you and help you have a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Starting therapy can bring up difficult feelings and it is important that you find the right person who can help you.  I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist and have helped a variety of clients at my private practice near Warren Street and through my voluntary work. 

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Professional Credentials

Professional Experience

  • Gained clinical experience over a number of years working with clients from different backgrounds

  • Trained at a respected organisation, helping me to gain a solid understanding of psychotherapy and counselling

  • Voluntary work at the Maytree, providing support to those who are feeling suicidal

Licenses & Certifications

Click the links below to view my registration with the following organisations:

Education background

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice from Roehampton University

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills from WPF Therapy

  • BA Hons in Philosophy and MSc in International Public Policy from UCL

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